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Abby Sight Words Games & Flash Cards vol 1: Kids Learn to Read – App Review

ImageMy 3 year old niece loves playing with these sight words. This is so simple a 3 year old can use it….and boy does she use it! She is in love with this and so am I. When I have to babysit it makes it so much easier that we have an activity we can do together that is not only fun, but engages her to learn. She loves playing around and has drained my kindle battery playing this!

Educational for young children – yes.

Fun for children – Yes

Warning – You will have your kids playing and learning for HOURS! Highly recommended!

Click Here to Download This Educational Game


Books For My Daughter – eBooks

December 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Toothless WonderYes, my daughter is going to Japan with me.  Will be a family affair over there and she is excited.  Like her dad, she is a reader and loves her stories.  I already bought her the complete Junie B Series of her in Kindergarten ( we will be taking those with us ) but I figured I could use an ebook or two for her.  So I got her this one of Junie B First Grader – Toothless Wonder.  Figure she’d love this as its about her loosing her tooth and my daughter is loosing hers.  Has lost two already and has a third loose tooth.  She cracks up on these books and loves the whole series.  In all honesty, I love reading them to her cause they make me laugh also!  The price for this beauty is a mere $3.74 for my Kindle iPhone app. So if you got a little girl ( I’d even say boys ) these books are a must have.  They will crack up!  Amazon listing here.

Jingle Bells, Batman SmellsIts Christmas time, so what better book than a Junie B Jones first grader Christmas story!  So for course, the other eBook I got for my daughter is Junie B. First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!  Again, its Christmas time and my daughter recently had her first grade Christmas performance ( or I believe they called it Holiday Performance ) at her school.  I bought it for the same reason as I bought the other one, I know she loves this series of books ( I also got her a few paperbacks for Christmas ).  Again, the price was very low, actually really, really low as it was only $0.95 for the kindle version.  I honestly can’t wait to read these to my daughter on the plane or train in Japan.  She’s getting pretty good at reading these also, but I still love reading to her!  Okay, so I’m done book buying for the trip, I got a few good reads for myself and a few for my daughter.
Amazon listing here

What are some of your favorite kid books?

Some Of My Traveling Reading eBooks

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

So in a few days ( 2 ) I head to Japan.  I bought a few books for the trip and downloaded a few for my Kindle iPhone app.  So here are the books I purchased for the plane ride then train ride once in Tokyo. 

For the funny, figure you can’t go wrong with anything by The Onion.  I actually forgot to mention them in some of my favorite sites and links article.  Chronicles Of The Area Man cost me 2.99 and downloaded to my iPhone in mere seconds.  There were several others to choose from, and I was very tempted to get "The Best of Herbert Kornfield" but decided to get this one instead.  I’ve already read the first story and I am happy with my purchase.  Now I have to refrain from reading it and save it for the trip.   $2.99 at Amazon for your Kindle

The next book I bought is more of a serious book.  "The Hangman’s Daughter.  I came across this when I was doing a search for top sellers in Amazon for Kindle. 

Written by Oliver Potzsch, this book takes place in 1660 where a series of murders starts to take place in a Bavarian town.  Each murdered victim has a tattoo on them and the town’s Hangman is called in to investigate the murders.  His daughter assists in the investigation.  The reviews ( what little there are ) were all positive and peaked my interest.  At a mere $1.99 I couldn’t really pass this up!  So later on I’ll let you know how this book was.  $1.99 at Amazon for your Kindle