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iPhone App Review – Shoot and Tell

I love my video sharing apps!  So few though are really done well.  This is one of those apps that is not only done well, but easy to use and very cool!  For your iPhone I highly recommend you download Shoot and Tell.  The app itself is free and comes with tons of features!  Easily add filters to your photos and perhaps the coolest feature, for a one time fee of 1.99 you can buy a BYOB – Become Your Own Brand and watermark your own images!  This app is seriously so much fun!  Taking over my instagram as my photo app of choice! Click Here To Download

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Kevin Hart – San Jose Improv and Laugh at My Pain

September 5, 2011 2 comments

About two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get two tickets to go see Kevin Hart perform in San Jose.  I was ecstatic because this is the comedian I have been trying to get tickets to see forever!  Every time he came nearby the tickets would sell out immediately and I would miss my chance.  This time, I got lucky and scored tickets to see him on September 2nd.  However this show got cancelled and instead I had to see him on the 4th.  That was okay but was going to make things difficult.  First of all, I live in Elk Grove, CA and the show was in San Jose.  I worked the 4th and the 5th ( today ) so I wouldn’t be able to sleep in after the show. 

My ViewDid I care?  Nope!  I was excited to be seeing Kevin Hart in person and I’m glad I made the trip.  I actually managed to get to San Jose at 7pm, 2 hours ahead of time to our show.  At 8pm the line started to form outside the club and I started to wait in line.  Getting in I had balcony seats and  the view was great.  I have no pictures of the performance because I didn’t want to risk getting kicked out.  The opening act was hilarious and soon the main attraction came on stage: Kevin Hart!

Now I expected this to be standup from "Laugh at My Pain" and was surprised when he said it was all new stuff.  I was laughing so hard at his set and the best part came when someone tried to throw him off his game.  During one of the jokes an audience member made a loud "ahhhh."  Relating to Kevin Hart which he acknowledged.  It was funny the first time and even Kevin Hart laughed.  Then the guy decided to keep doing it.  I don’t know if he was hoping for more laughs, or to talk to Kevin Hart again but this time he got put in his place.  Kevin Hart addressed the guy in a way that let him know his moment had passed.  He did it in such a funny way that he had everyone laughing at him.  Did the guy get the message?  Yes, he no longer loudly said "ahhhh." 

All in all it was a great night.  His movie, "Laugh at my Pain" will be coming to AMC theatres on September 9th.  I definitely want to see this!

Laugh At My Pain

CLOO – The rent a bathroom

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Want to make an extra buck?  Rent out your own personal bathroom!  Or how to find a bathroom anywhere in the US!

The Next Big Movie – Its so British!

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment
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Coffee Tables / Tables I’d Love To Have

Read and sitI love to read, and this table would suit that need just fine!  A slotted table that holds books.  Just looking at this table makes me want to read!  A simple design yet brilliant in what it does.  I dont think people read enough ( myself included ) and should always try to find time to read.  I think this is a great way to encourage that while furnishing your house.  Link Here








Now this is a unique table as it combines my love of the iPhone with a larger than life iPhone….I’m sure its expensive as hell but you got to admit it looks pretty damn sweet!  The video does it more justice than I ever could so just watch!  Link Here

This is a coffee table I’d love to have as it can hold four iPads.  Guess its no real
surprise that I am a fan of Apple products.  Plus it helps that I find the lady in this pic to be quite attractive.  Seriously, this table does look awesome.  And I’m hoping she has iBooks or Stanza open and is just reading as she sits.  That would complete my love affair with this table.  Link Here









This coffee table is just plain awesome!  Ripple effect coffee table!  Another one where my words would not do it any justice.  This coffee table is the brainchild of Jeonghwa Seo and Hanna Chung.  It is very cool!  Link Here

Yet another coffee table designed to hold books.  My only fear ( same with the first one) is the potential to spill something and ruin my books.  But it just look so amazing!  This is a beautifully designed bookshelf, er uh, coffee table!  I really want to read now.  Link Here

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Please hold….customer service revenge!


A great revenge prank giving a company notorious for bad customer service a taste of their own medicine.

Mario and Luigi go halfsies