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iPhone App Review – Adam Wins – Real Money Sports

Okay I’m a guy and I like my sports.  Occasionally I like to bet on sports and I admit, I am not the best when it comes to that.  I’m not good and knowing my odds. 

This iPhone app has changed that for me.  Real time odds and live scores make this app a must have for anyone that likes to bet on sports. Its easy to use and the sports news is great to read.  I’m loving this iPhone app!  It is Sunday today!  i get to check the scores of some local teams and get the odds on them.  I’m really excited to try this app out today.  I got a few people I’d like to place some friendly wagers against! 

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Breaking Bad – Season 4 Recap – Crawl Space

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This season of Breaking Bad has done what it does best, deliver the drama in a slow and intense way.  This whole season the tension has been building and last Sunday’s episode, Crawl Space delivered more drama than most shows do all season. 

Gus continues to show you how much of a heartless person he can be.  Yet, not just heartless but also clever.  The man has a plan A-Z for all occasions.  With the cartel in ruins, Gus and Mike dying, jesse drives them to a makeshift hospital Gus has prepared.  Once at the location, the doctors are able to save and revive Gus.  Jesse finds out just how prepared Gus is as he see’s a fridge full of everyone’s blood for transfusions.  The doctor starts to rattle off Jesse’s blood type, age, allergies and everything else.  Gus and Jesse walk out and Gus says that Jesse can take over the lab.  Jesse says that he wont cook if Walt is killed.  That he should be fired instead. 

With Gus revived they make there way back home.  Walter is panicked about his brother in law and not knowing what’s going on in Mexico.  Walter is staking out the chicken farm with his brother in law Hank.  Hank tells him he’s heard about a bloodbath in Mexico but doesn’t have much information.  Hank then takes Walt on a little detour.  He’s going to check out the laundromat where he has been cooking.

Walt gets nervous and crashes his car on purpose to avoid staking the place out.  Later on the episode we see Walt smuggled into the laundromat in dirty clothes.  When Walt gets to the lab he can tell that the lab has been in use.  That someone has been cooking while he recuperated from his car accident.  He knows that it has to be Jesse.

Walt goes to Jesse’s house and there we see him playing video games.  Walt pleads with Jesse, telling him that he needs his help. That Gus is training Jesse to replace him and there going to kill him.  Jesse responds in anger to Walt reminding him that the last time he asked Walt for help that Walt said he hoped Jesse ended up in a barrel in Mexico.  Walt goes to leave and is met by Gus’s body gaurds who taze him until he is unconscious. 

Walt is now hooded and bonded and in the middle of the desert.  Gus takes off Walt’s hood and tells him he is fired.  Walt laughs, saying he knows Jesse wont cook for him if he’s killed.  That this proves his point that no matter what Gus has done that Jesse is still loyal to him.  Gus says that its true, but that doesn’t mean anything about what he will do to Walt’s brother in law.  Gus has a hit out on Hank.  He also says if he is warned in any way shape or form that he will kill Walt’s wife, son and daughter.  Walt can see just how serious Gus is.  After Gus leaves Walt begins a mad dash and the most intense closing scenes ever starts.

Walt goes to Saul, asking for the number of the guy to make him and his family disappear.  Saul gives him the number and tells him he needs a large amount of money.  Walter pleads with Saul to warn the DEA about a hit on Hank and Saul reluctantly agrees.  Walt heads home and goes to the crawl space.  He starts opening the money bags to see he doesn’t have enough.  Skylar comes in and Walt asks where the money is.  She tells him what she did with the money.  Walt lays down and starts screaming and crying uncontrollably.  His cries give way to laughter and the look on Skylars face is amazingly haunting.  The phone rings and its Marie. She is crying on the answering machine saying its happening again.  The Cartel has put a hit on Hank.  As Skylar answers the phone you hear Walt laughing as the camera pans up from him.  In his crawl space, as if a premonition as to what will now happen to Walt. 

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Breaking Bad – Season 4 Episode 1: Box Cutters- Recap

Warning: There are spoilers!

It’s been a long time coming, over a year since the last episode of Breaking Bad left you in suspense.  I know it was killing me to wait this long to see it and I must say it was still worth the wait.  The new season picks up where the last one left off.  It flashes back to Gale in the lab getting a lot of new equipment.  He is poised to take over as head cook as Gus is set to kill Walt and Jesse.  Gale is insecure in his cooking abilities, guaranteeing 96% quality while holding up a sample that he say’s is 99% pure.  Breaking Bad Gus assures Gale that this is okay.  If I remember correctly that last sample is Jesse’s sample.  One he cooked himself as he tried to get his job back and in Walt’s good graces again. 

So the big question.  Did Jesse pull the trigger and kill Gale?  The answer is yes.  Gale lies dead being the first time Jesse actually kills someone in the series.  The shock of what he has just done overcomes Jesse.  He is silent for most of the show dealing with what he had just done.  It is a powerful episode for Jesse ( Aaron Paul ) in that he conveys a lot with his silence.  To me it was some of his best acting as its hard to convey such strong emotion with little words.  Gus is also silent for most of this episode.  Like Jesse he conveys a lot with his non verbal acting.  You can see the anger he has and when it is unleashed it is all the more shocking coming from such a mild mannered character. 

The season opener had a lot of suspense as you are waiting to find out Walt and Jesse’s fate.  It was a great episode that left me wanting more. 

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Can I get a hug? I really need a hug!

Will Smith Out Takes – Fresh Prince of BelAir – SNL

Amusement Park Ride – SNL

Damn this one had me cracking up!

How to Enrage Nerds

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Its All Wrong!

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