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Book Review – Psychological Self Defense

This is a great book to have for your Kindle.  Self Defense is very important and being able to physically take care of yourself is very important and even more important is learning how to get yourself out of a situation where you have to physically defend yourself. 

This book has a wealth of information that can show you how to spot ref flags, avoid becoming a victim, de-escalate situations and a lot more.  Its a remarkable read and one that everyone should read.  It is full of important information that can save your life and help get you out of situations you should never have to be in on the first place.

Get this for your Kindle or gift it for someone you love.  It is very important. 

Click Here For Security, Peace of Mind, and Psychological Defense

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Product Review – meenee MW1 White Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I got my youngest brother a netbook for Christmas and one for my daughter as well.  I know the hassles of using the built in keyboard and trackpad so I decided to get them a wireless mouse I thought would work good for them.

Now, after spending a good amount of money on those devices I wanted to go rather cheap on the mouse.  It had to be wireless though and, in all honesty, that was my only requirement.   However, I am very happy with the purchase I made on Amazon.  I bought two of these Meenee MW1 White Wireless Bluetooth Mouses and am very happy with them.  My daughter absolutely loves it and my brother wants to know where I got it cause he wants another for his desktop.

I admit, when I set it up for my daughter I actually like the mouse a lot.  It came with the batteries and setup was very easy.  It is practical and and works very well.  If your in the market for a cheap, wireless mouse I highly recommend this.  It may be cheap, but you get a lot for your dollar and then some! 

Highly recommended!

Click Here to View Product 

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Cute Baby Flash Cards – An iPhone App Review

I have a young daughter and I take her education very seriously.  I want the best for my daughter and I’m sure I’m not the only parent that feels this way.  I am always looking for educational applications for my iPhone that can help.  Yesterday I cam across "Cute Baby Flash Cards."  This one is a bit young for my daughter but she still loves it.  I wish I would of gotten this for her when she was in kindergarten.  I could see how this would of greatly helped her.  When my niece came over later that day I showed her the iPhone app and she was enthralled.  Was hard to get my iPhone back!  She loved it!  This made her mom a believer and she downloaded this to her phone also.  Great educational application that I’m sure will give my niece a heads up while in preschool. 

1.99 in iTunes.  Click Here to Download

So you think you can sing? Passaggio iPhone App

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

So over the weekend we had some fun.  Some of that involved Karaoke and the debate about one particular person’s so called "perfect pitch." So in order to settle the debate, I found Passaggio on iTunes!  This app will do just that!  So we quickly settled that debate! She indeed did not have perfect pitch!  Yet she was the best when it came to adjusting her voice and getting near it.  So now the next contest was on, and that was who could get closest.  I think i ruined that answer already but it was fun!  I came in dead last but I expected that.  However I improved the most!  This was like a little coach in your pocket.  You could see your progress and it was pretty damn cool to play around with.  Some people took naturally to this and could change their voices as necessary.  I could see myself improving greatly with this and if I keep it up….hello American Idol!  JK!  At 2.99, it was a cool app to buy!

Click Here to Download!

The Coupons App – iPhone Review

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Savings AwaitIf you know me, then you know that I love to save money.  I’m always looking for apps that will save me money in some way, shape or form.  Yesterday I was able to find one such app called, "The Coupons App."

As I was running errands yesterday I stopped and searched the iTunes store to find a coupon app.  I came across this one and launched it.  Immediately I was able to get tons of coupons at my fingertips.  First on the list, was some nourishment!  I took advantage of my Peet’s coupon and was able to get two coffee’s for the price of one.  Later on as we got hungry we were able to get advantage of another coupon. 

I’d only had this coupon for less than an hour and I estimate that it already saved me 15 bucks!  This application is a must have and a winner.  If you need to save money and don’t want to spend any money to save money, make sure you download "The Coupons App!" Click Here to Download

InteractBooks – iPhone App Review

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I love to read on my iPhone.  I try to install my love of reading into my children and that can be tougher.  I read to her constantly and even use audio books.  However, it can be difficult to find good books on the iPhone that will engage my children like a physical book.  In comes InteractBooks!  I found this beauty on iTunes for the lovely price of "Free!" and downloaded it.  I got all the free books on there and tested them on my daughter.  She was hooked!  She loved to read the stories but the interaction with the stories sold her more!  This was a story she could read and play with!  She was in love!

She read two of the books I had on the app over and over again.  Finally, I got her some more books to read which she promptly did.  The only problem with this app is that your kids wont give you your phone back!  Works on the iPad as well, this application is a steal and a great way to get your kids to enjoy reading.

Click Here To Download

My Early Morning Commute

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

20110912-052042.jpg today’s commute to work involved me riding my bike to work. I only attempted it once before and didn’t make it all the way. Today I am proud to say I completed my seven mile bike ride in one hour and ten minutes! My legs are okay but I’m sure I’ll feel it later on! Weather was cool this morning and the bike ride that much easier. Let’s see how I feel about riding home though!