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I’m back!

I am back from Japan!!!!  That is all!

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Some of my favorite sites – Time Killers

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is a list of websites I frequent often and for various reasons.  Seeing as how I wont be updating very much in the near future I figure I got to give you guys some time wasters.

For the geek in you or your family: – News/Products for geeks – Geek toys! – Geek tips – Geek comic – For the girl geek and guys too – Tons of free books for all your e-reader devices – Social Media meets news – Price drops on iPhone/iPod/iPad apps

Okay now for the funny sites I frequent: – Best Comic out there! – I dont know what to say about this but hilarious! – A classic – Best articles online.  Makes learning funny! – Another great website for the funnies! – Because everything is terrible – But if you do reply hilarity will ensue! – Making facebook funny!

– Got a link you want to share?  Let me know about it!

25 Facts about the TSA

December 7, 2010 1 comment

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The Walking Dead – Season 1 Finale

So if you haven’t been watching The Walking Dead then I must first say that you suck.  This show has a great cast and the story is amzing.  My only regret is that I had not read the comics first which I’m told are even better than the show.

Tonight marks the season finale of this wonderfully short season as it is only six episodes long.  Each episode however, has been full of action, great suspense, and great story.  The season finale airs tonight at 10PM and its an episode I am really looking forward to.  Preview of tonights episode down below.

Walking Dead Season 1 Finale Preview

New Patent by Apple – 3D Projection, No Glasses Needed

December 5, 2010 1 comment

Dont get me wrong, I actually like some movies in 3D.  Not all, but some.  I think the 3D craze has gotten a little out of hand though.  Too many movies in 3D that really shouldn’t be in 3D.  Kid movies, the Pixar, Dreamworks ones, thats fine to have in 3D and works well. But reading up on this patent by Apple I wouldn’t mind 3D done by them – No Glasses Required! 

It’s pretty cool how its set up to work.  Each pixel on the screen is actually projected onto a reflective, textured surface.  This is then bounced off to your left and right eye to produce the 3D effect.  The patent also talks about why the currdent trend of 3D technology and the upcoming ones are not as good. 

Its an interesting patent and I’d like to see how this will come out in the future.  I’m sure it will be a long time before we see it though.

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The most grisly murder scene in 35 years by police chief found….

I kill you! - and cut, scene!

So your just a hardened cop, working your job, you’ve seen it all and done it all. You get a call to a hotel room and low and behold, you stumble across the most grisly murder scene you have ever seen in your 35 years of law enforcement!

8 hours of overtime later, you and your partners are yet to uncover a victim, find a blood trail or any witnesses to the grisly murder. That is until….Mr Pyros comes along and laughs! The hilarity? Well, it turns out it was actually a room that had not been cleaned up that was used to film a horror movie. What is really scary about that movie? It starred Corey Haim ( too soon?)! So yeah, turns out it was really nothing.

Fully Story Here

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