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iPhone App Review – Shoot and Tell

I love my video sharing apps!  So few though are really done well.  This is one of those apps that is not only done well, but easy to use and very cool!  For your iPhone I highly recommend you download Shoot and Tell.  The app itself is free and comes with tons of features!  Easily add filters to your photos and perhaps the coolest feature, for a one time fee of 1.99 you can buy a BYOB – Become Your Own Brand and watermark your own images!  This app is seriously so much fun!  Taking over my instagram as my photo app of choice! Click Here To Download

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iPhone App Review – Who Owes What?

Who Owes What – This app is perfect for helping you split checks, calculating tips. keeping track of IOUs and more.  In other words, this is the best damn iPhone app ever!  Seriously this is sweet!  I love apps that help you with your finances and one that can do all this is a God send! 

I eat out a lot!  I often go with friends and splitting the check can be a hassle because I know at times I have ordered cheap on purpose and other times I have indulged.  In other words, I have either screwed someone or been screwed when it comes to splitting the bill.  We all have!  This helps to make the payments fair and even.  I also love the IOU feature because I’m a sucker for helping friends out in need.  When it comes time to collect however, I often don’t recall how much I lent out or helped with.  A few bucks here and there really add up though.  This iPhone app is amazing! 

Highly recommend this. Click Here to Download

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Magzter – iPhone App Review

Every once and a while I do like to read magazines.  They also provide good entertainment to other members of the family.  When looking around for an iPhone application that would make the family happy I came across Magzter.  It’s free and easy to use.  In app purchases are smooth and delivered quickly even over 3G.  My wife loved it and my daughter was able to use it easily as well.  Came in handy this weekend cause we had a long drive to a wedding.  Helped to keep my daughter entertained on the long drive and wait and my wife entertained while waiting for the wedding to start.  It was a simple and easy application to use and one that I highly recommend.

Free on iTunes.  Click Here To Download

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Breaking Bad – Season 4 Recap – Crawl Space

September 28, 2011 Leave a comment

This season of Breaking Bad has done what it does best, deliver the drama in a slow and intense way.  This whole season the tension has been building and last Sunday’s episode, Crawl Space delivered more drama than most shows do all season. 

Gus continues to show you how much of a heartless person he can be.  Yet, not just heartless but also clever.  The man has a plan A-Z for all occasions.  With the cartel in ruins, Gus and Mike dying, jesse drives them to a makeshift hospital Gus has prepared.  Once at the location, the doctors are able to save and revive Gus.  Jesse finds out just how prepared Gus is as he see’s a fridge full of everyone’s blood for transfusions.  The doctor starts to rattle off Jesse’s blood type, age, allergies and everything else.  Gus and Jesse walk out and Gus says that Jesse can take over the lab.  Jesse says that he wont cook if Walt is killed.  That he should be fired instead. 

With Gus revived they make there way back home.  Walter is panicked about his brother in law and not knowing what’s going on in Mexico.  Walter is staking out the chicken farm with his brother in law Hank.  Hank tells him he’s heard about a bloodbath in Mexico but doesn’t have much information.  Hank then takes Walt on a little detour.  He’s going to check out the laundromat where he has been cooking.

Walt gets nervous and crashes his car on purpose to avoid staking the place out.  Later on the episode we see Walt smuggled into the laundromat in dirty clothes.  When Walt gets to the lab he can tell that the lab has been in use.  That someone has been cooking while he recuperated from his car accident.  He knows that it has to be Jesse.

Walt goes to Jesse’s house and there we see him playing video games.  Walt pleads with Jesse, telling him that he needs his help. That Gus is training Jesse to replace him and there going to kill him.  Jesse responds in anger to Walt reminding him that the last time he asked Walt for help that Walt said he hoped Jesse ended up in a barrel in Mexico.  Walt goes to leave and is met by Gus’s body gaurds who taze him until he is unconscious. 

Walt is now hooded and bonded and in the middle of the desert.  Gus takes off Walt’s hood and tells him he is fired.  Walt laughs, saying he knows Jesse wont cook for him if he’s killed.  That this proves his point that no matter what Gus has done that Jesse is still loyal to him.  Gus says that its true, but that doesn’t mean anything about what he will do to Walt’s brother in law.  Gus has a hit out on Hank.  He also says if he is warned in any way shape or form that he will kill Walt’s wife, son and daughter.  Walt can see just how serious Gus is.  After Gus leaves Walt begins a mad dash and the most intense closing scenes ever starts.

Walt goes to Saul, asking for the number of the guy to make him and his family disappear.  Saul gives him the number and tells him he needs a large amount of money.  Walter pleads with Saul to warn the DEA about a hit on Hank and Saul reluctantly agrees.  Walt heads home and goes to the crawl space.  He starts opening the money bags to see he doesn’t have enough.  Skylar comes in and Walt asks where the money is.  She tells him what she did with the money.  Walt lays down and starts screaming and crying uncontrollably.  His cries give way to laughter and the look on Skylars face is amazingly haunting.  The phone rings and its Marie. She is crying on the answering machine saying its happening again.  The Cartel has put a hit on Hank.  As Skylar answers the phone you hear Walt laughing as the camera pans up from him.  In his crawl space, as if a premonition as to what will now happen to Walt. 

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So you think you can sing? Passaggio iPhone App

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

So over the weekend we had some fun.  Some of that involved Karaoke and the debate about one particular person’s so called "perfect pitch." So in order to settle the debate, I found Passaggio on iTunes!  This app will do just that!  So we quickly settled that debate! She indeed did not have perfect pitch!  Yet she was the best when it came to adjusting her voice and getting near it.  So now the next contest was on, and that was who could get closest.  I think i ruined that answer already but it was fun!  I came in dead last but I expected that.  However I improved the most!  This was like a little coach in your pocket.  You could see your progress and it was pretty damn cool to play around with.  Some people took naturally to this and could change their voices as necessary.  I could see myself improving greatly with this and if I keep it up….hello American Idol!  JK!  At 2.99, it was a cool app to buy!

Click Here to Download!

My Early Morning Commute

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

20110912-052042.jpg today’s commute to work involved me riding my bike to work. I only attempted it once before and didn’t make it all the way. Today I am proud to say I completed my seven mile bike ride in one hour and ten minutes! My legs are okay but I’m sure I’ll feel it later on! Weather was cool this morning and the bike ride that much easier. Let’s see how I feel about riding home though!

Kevin Hart – San Jose Improv and Laugh at My Pain

September 5, 2011 2 comments

About two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get two tickets to go see Kevin Hart perform in San Jose.  I was ecstatic because this is the comedian I have been trying to get tickets to see forever!  Every time he came nearby the tickets would sell out immediately and I would miss my chance.  This time, I got lucky and scored tickets to see him on September 2nd.  However this show got cancelled and instead I had to see him on the 4th.  That was okay but was going to make things difficult.  First of all, I live in Elk Grove, CA and the show was in San Jose.  I worked the 4th and the 5th ( today ) so I wouldn’t be able to sleep in after the show. 

My ViewDid I care?  Nope!  I was excited to be seeing Kevin Hart in person and I’m glad I made the trip.  I actually managed to get to San Jose at 7pm, 2 hours ahead of time to our show.  At 8pm the line started to form outside the club and I started to wait in line.  Getting in I had balcony seats and  the view was great.  I have no pictures of the performance because I didn’t want to risk getting kicked out.  The opening act was hilarious and soon the main attraction came on stage: Kevin Hart!

Now I expected this to be standup from "Laugh at My Pain" and was surprised when he said it was all new stuff.  I was laughing so hard at his set and the best part came when someone tried to throw him off his game.  During one of the jokes an audience member made a loud "ahhhh."  Relating to Kevin Hart which he acknowledged.  It was funny the first time and even Kevin Hart laughed.  Then the guy decided to keep doing it.  I don’t know if he was hoping for more laughs, or to talk to Kevin Hart again but this time he got put in his place.  Kevin Hart addressed the guy in a way that let him know his moment had passed.  He did it in such a funny way that he had everyone laughing at him.  Did the guy get the message?  Yes, he no longer loudly said "ahhhh." 

All in all it was a great night.  His movie, "Laugh at my Pain" will be coming to AMC theatres on September 9th.  I definitely want to see this!

Laugh At My Pain