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Book Review – Muffinology – 50 Momentous Muffin Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good muffin? This recipe book has 50 recipes for some delicious and HEALTHY muffins! I love to cook and bake and am always looking for ways to make things healthier.

This book has a recipe for everyone! The gluten free pumpkin, the lemon drizzle muffins, are delicious and a must have! This is one recipe book you need to have for all your muffin needs! Oh, for a real treat….Dark Chocolate and Marmalade Muffins!

This is a great book! Can’t wait to make some more!

Click Here for Delicious Muffin Recipes

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The Coupons App – iPhone Review

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Savings AwaitIf you know me, then you know that I love to save money.  I’m always looking for apps that will save me money in some way, shape or form.  Yesterday I was able to find one such app called, "The Coupons App."

As I was running errands yesterday I stopped and searched the iTunes store to find a coupon app.  I came across this one and launched it.  Immediately I was able to get tons of coupons at my fingertips.  First on the list, was some nourishment!  I took advantage of my Peet’s coupon and was able to get two coffee’s for the price of one.  Later on as we got hungry we were able to get advantage of another coupon. 

I’d only had this coupon for less than an hour and I estimate that it already saved me 15 bucks!  This application is a must have and a winner.  If you need to save money and don’t want to spend any money to save money, make sure you download "The Coupons App!" Click Here to Download

Please hold….customer service revenge!


A great revenge prank giving a company notorious for bad customer service a taste of their own medicine.

Tokyo Disney – Disney Sea

Welcome to Tokyo DisneyWhile in Tokyo, Japan we had to hit up Disney.  There are four parks in Tokyo Disney, and we hit up two of them in 3 days ( had to give ourselves a day of rest in between.  The first park we took was Tokyo Disney Sea.  It was an awesome park that featured rides from the sea.  The cleanliness was amazing but so was the attention to detail. 

Once we got to Disney we had to board a special train that took us to the different Disney theme parks.  As you can see the hand rails and the windows are all done up Disney Style.  So we had a very cool view and the hand rails were all Disney’d out.  It was a short ( but expensive ) ride to get to our park.  It was only 4 stops ( for all 4 parks ) but cost us 4 bucks.  We were the second stop on the tour.  It was worth it though cause walking would of been another 30 minutes and we knew we’d be doing a lot of walking. 

Once we arrived it was an amazing sight.  Those mountains are fake.  Part of a ride.  Journey to the Center of the Earth.  This is the view you get once you are inside Disney Sea.  It looked so damn real and what’s more amazing is the closer you got the more real it looked.  The illusion did not wear off or diminish with proximity but rather strengthened.  It was really an amazing sight.  Especially as the sun started to go down. 

Some the of the sights that this park had to offer was amazing.  I’m just saddened that I took these pics with my iPhone and not a real digital camera.  It took decent pics but the camera on an iPhone 3G is nothing compared to a real camera.  This is a shot of Areal’s ( have no idea if I’m spelling that name right, little mermaid girl ) area in Disney Sea from across a river that you can take a boat tour on.

Inside the mountain they had two rides you can go on.  One was "Journey to the Center of the Earth."  It was one that filled up fast so we fast passed it to return an hour later.  This is a shot of the mountain from the inside and a line ( short ) for the submarine ride.  I took this from the other half of the mountain.  I think the submarine ride was "2000 leagues under the Sea" but I don’t remember.  My map was in Japanese so I had people translate some of the rides. 

Just look at this awesome ass submarine!  This isn’t the one you got on but one that’s on constant display.  This one was next to an underground restaurant that I immediately went to.  I got myself a turkey leg as soon as the park opened and this was my view from my seat.  It was awesome….so was the turkey leg.  Shorter than what I’m used to but delicious!

After we hit up "2000 Leagues under the Sea" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" ( which was indeed an awesome roller coaster ride ) we went over to the section of the park that had Indiana Jones ride.  They also had this awesome roller coaster ride that had fire coming from a waterfall that shot up a large pillar of smoke at you as you drove next to this waterfall.  I wish I had the name of this ride but it was cool.  Indiana Jones was updated to incorporate the Crystal Skull.  It was similar to the other one I went on and could of done without the Crystal Skull incorporation.  The rides were cool though.  Okay, now back to Arials land. 

Why did we go here, I was told we had to.  That if I was impressed with the parks look overall we had to go there cause I would not be disappointedd.  I was not at the park, but at my pictures I was. 

You actually got to go inside a cave and walkway that simulated you going underwater.  Once there they did all they could to make it look as if you were underwater.  The lights overhead simulated sunlight as it would appear if you looked up from underwater.  If you looked at the floor it had a wavy pattern of broken light.  Here the rides mostly focused on kids but they had an awesome food court and shop.  The shop had a giant whale with its mouth open ( the one from Pinocchio ) and looked pretty cool.  I did end up buying a few souvenirs and gifts to bring back to the US from this shop.  Again my pictures came out horrible in this area.  They just could not take a good picture in this low light. 

Sadly these two were the best pictures I could find that I had of this area.  The rest just came out worse or more blurry.

We did catch the "Little Mermaid Show" or live performance while we were here.  It was actually very cool as they incorporated quite a few animatronics.  The songs were in English at least so I was able to understand that and even some of what was said ( studying a bit of Japanese paid off ) . 

Later on we went to the area that had the Aladdin show and Sinbad show.  Yes Sinbad!  Not the comedian ( that would of been hella awesome though ) and let me tell you this place just looked awesome.  The details in how it all looked was spectacular.  Although the above is not the greatest picture, its a two story carrousel.  That thing was busy all day long.  In front of it was a water fountain that I didn’t pay too much attention to till i got closer to it and noticed it was made out of the Genie from Aladin. 

Here’s another shot of how it appears to enter in this area.  It was a very cool area that had a few shows and some rides.  Mainly food though.  Advice:  Try the curry popcorn here: Crazy Delicious!  I have a ton more pictures of this area cause the architecture really impressed me.  Sinbad ride was a lot like "Its a Small World" but telling of Sinbad’s tales and his journeys.  I understood some of it but not all.  Going to continue studying my Japanese though. 

  We won tickets in a lottery style thing to a disney show later and got some priority seating.  But like all things Disney there really is no bad seat.  It really just meant we had a gauranteed spot and wouldn’t have to wait in line.  Hard to see in the pics as we had a lot of light but it was a Christmas play that had all the characters dressed up helping Santa.  This shot is just the left hand side of the stage as they lit it up really nice.  It was getting dark and closer to closing time.  So we were ready to head on home. 

It was a very cool trip and a good day at Disney Sea.  I would highly recommend this if you are going to Tokyo, Disney. 

Food in Japan – The good stuff!

January 3, 2011 1 comment

Ah yeah, it was all about the food!  And we saw some interesting food and ate some great food in Japan.  First Meal in Restaruant
  The first meal we had in Japan was at a restaurant.  I forgot the name of the dish but it was very tasty!  It was pork with some veggies, rice, and miso soup.  I’m probably spelling "miso" wrong.  We arrived for lunch and had to take off our shoes.  We placed them in lockers and proceeded to our seats which were on the floor.  The restaurant was very cool and the food was delicious.  Of course, walking around town and shopping we also noticed a lot of unique food items.

I spent a lot of my time in Japan trying to find some wierd food items I had heard about.  One such item was the kit kat candy bar. 
Cheese Kit Kat?I had heard that they have upwards of 50 different flavors of KitKat in Japan.  It was confirmed to me by our hosts that there are indeed a large variety and different kinds of them floating around depending on the season and holiday.  The second night there I found my first such case.  Petit Cheese KitKat!  It was actually white chocolate covering some cheese…..and I bought it….and I ate it, and it was DELICIOUS!  I continued to hunt but was really hard to find other flavors.  I saw the cheese one a few more times and finally encountered some other flavors.

Orange and StrawberryLater that week I found one such store that had two other unique flavors of KitKat!  Orange and strawberry KitKats!  I bought them on the spot and of course devoured them!  Once again, they were delicious!  I favored the orange one overall and regretted not getting another batch. 

I was considering buying some to take back home to America but I know I would of just ate them anyways so I was saving myself from myself and figured the pictures would have to do.  I also wondered why the hell is KitKat being so stingy here?  Why can’t we get orange or strawberry KitKats!?

What will follow are a few shots now of other unique candy’s I saw and found:

Oreo Coffee!!

Crunk's not dead!

Okay so now a brief explanation….first I have no idea how to explain the cream collon.  I didn’t buy it or try it but not because of the name.  Or maybe it was because of the name….

The oreo coffee thing I did buy and try and I enjoyed it.  Who doesnt love oreo’s?  It was pretty much like the starbucks Via thing and tasted delicious.  Under that was strawberry crunch…..again why doesn’t Crunch have this in America?  Again it was delicious!!!! And last but not least was Crunky Kids!  I thought Crunk was dead…apparently I was wrong.

This isent even close to all the food pictures I got but I figure I could cover ramen in its own article.  But I will have to post two more pictures here.

Pepsi???Apparently in Japan depending on the holiday, Pepsi will release a unique flavor drink.  Since it was Christmas and New Years coming up we got to taste Pepsi – Mont Blanc!

Apparently this is similar to a roasted chestnut.  It tasted however similar to a caffienated coffee drink.  It was definately unique and I will admit I bought it again later on and took one home to give to a gift to a good friend.  Pepsi as a gift?  Yes, he has the pepsi logo tattooed on him.  So yes, it was an awesome gift for him.  Oh, side note, I also found Pepsi Twist in Japan!  It’s still alive down there!

The vending machine is not all that interesting till you take a closer look at them.  The blue under the items in question represent cold drinks, while the red represented warm drinks.  Also, some of those in the red are not actually drinks but rather soup.  I have bought corn chowder, potato soup, and tomato soup from vending machines while I also bought a cold coke or pepsi from the same vending machine. 

Okay, thats going to do it for this article I think.  I’ll still be posting a few articles in the next few days to talk about some of the sights and sounds and buildings in Japan. 

Hope you all enjoyed it!!

Arriving in Japan – And Day 1

January 2, 2011 1 comment

welcome to tokyoWe arriced in Japan on December 17, 2010 in the late afternoon.  It was a long flight that had us leaving San Francisco at 7AM on the 16th, a 4 hour stopover in Vancouver, and then finally arriving at the Narita Airport.  It was a long trip and we almost missed our train that was taking us to the largest train station in Japan in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  It was not fun rolling suitcases when exhausted ( couldn’t sleep on plane ) through the busiest station in Japan.  Shinjuku at NightThe next day we relaxed for a bit and then I had to do some work.  But I got to wander around downtown Shinjuku and caught some amazing sights and buildings.  It was truly an amazing experience.  I found out later when I showed some of the pictures I had taken in my wanderings ( I walked around for about 2.5 hrs ) that I had apparently walked into some shady parts of town.  lots of people  The people in Japan were very nice, very clean, and very polite.  The city was crowded and it was often difficult to walk.  This picture isnt the best but it was just an example of a people crossing at a crosswalk.  The amount of people that would cross is crazy! 

On \ my trip I had visited Shibuya often ( for work for first 3 days ) and saw ( and of coursed walked ) on the most busiest crosswalk in the world.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of that but it was an amazing sight!

A few things that struck me when I visited Japan.  First, I rode the trains on a daily basis, often it was packed but it was the quietest ride I have ever had.  People kept to themselves, often reading ( I would say 70 percent read ) or texting on thier phones.  I rarely see anyone in America read in any public transportation.  Usually I’m one of the only ones that does. 

Second, the amount of litter in the biggest city in the world is almost non existant!  People keep that place spotless!  Sure there is trash, and even some graffiti, but not even close to what I see in the small town I live in.    Also, what I found to be sad, is how much the west is starting to influence the youth in Japan.  It was hard to find things that were actually Japanese.  Walking around the malls looking for a purse for my mom and it took me 10 days to find something that wasn’t something I could of picked up at the mall in Sacramento.  Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Longchamps all that everywhere in Japan.  The malls were littered with American stores. 

Also what I noticed ( and it would of been impossible not to ) was that the girls in Japan wear the SHORTEST skirts I have ever seen.  It would be winter and they wear skirts, high heels, or boots to the knees.  Not just the teenagers either, it was very common to see older women wearing that to. 

Not that I’m complaining….

Food was awesome!  And McDonalds was everywhere!  I admit I did eat there three times during my stay.  I also had starbucks two times. 

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of food I ate and some wierd ones I have found! 

Hello from Japan! Day One – Condoms

December 18, 2010 1 comment

Day one: approximate time 1034 am Saturday. It is awesome here!

found some condoms at local mini mart. Other stuff to but these were cool

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