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Book Review – Psychological Self Defense

This is a great book to have for your Kindle.  Self Defense is very important and being able to physically take care of yourself is very important and even more important is learning how to get yourself out of a situation where you have to physically defend yourself. 

This book has a wealth of information that can show you how to spot ref flags, avoid becoming a victim, de-escalate situations and a lot more.  Its a remarkable read and one that everyone should read.  It is full of important information that can save your life and help get you out of situations you should never have to be in on the first place.

Get this for your Kindle or gift it for someone you love.  It is very important. 

Click Here For Security, Peace of Mind, and Psychological Defense

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iPhone App Review – Heyku

Have you guys heard of this app called Heyku? If you love to write haikus this is the perfect app for you. It’s like its own social network for creative writing. This app integrates beautifully with Facebook, twitter and Instagram. This app allows you to to be creative and share your thoughts with the world. Easy to use, seamless integration, beautifully designed, it is an amazing app.

This app is a must have!  Click Here to Download!

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Baby Bubble School vol1: Ready to Read First Words – Kindle App Review

My niece absolutely loves this! She is 3 years old and talks a mile a minute and is constantly on the go! Yet she will sit down for HOURS and want to play this game! She is in love and so am I because this is a brilliantly created game! Educational, fun and helping her with her words it really is amazing!

She is identifying letters, repeating back, popping bubbles like crazy on this thing! She repeats back all that she hears so we are constantly hearing her interact with this game!

Highly recommended! Must have for children!

Download this Educational Game For Your Kindle Here

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iPhone App Review – Shoot and Tell

I love my video sharing apps!  So few though are really done well.  This is one of those apps that is not only done well, but easy to use and very cool!  For your iPhone I highly recommend you download Shoot and Tell.  The app itself is free and comes with tons of features!  Easily add filters to your photos and perhaps the coolest feature, for a one time fee of 1.99 you can buy a BYOB – Become Your Own Brand and watermark your own images!  This app is seriously so much fun!  Taking over my instagram as my photo app of choice! Click Here To Download

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Product Review – meenee MW1 White Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I got my youngest brother a netbook for Christmas and one for my daughter as well.  I know the hassles of using the built in keyboard and trackpad so I decided to get them a wireless mouse I thought would work good for them.

Now, after spending a good amount of money on those devices I wanted to go rather cheap on the mouse.  It had to be wireless though and, in all honesty, that was my only requirement.   However, I am very happy with the purchase I made on Amazon.  I bought two of these Meenee MW1 White Wireless Bluetooth Mouses and am very happy with them.  My daughter absolutely loves it and my brother wants to know where I got it cause he wants another for his desktop.

I admit, when I set it up for my daughter I actually like the mouse a lot.  It came with the batteries and setup was very easy.  It is practical and and works very well.  If your in the market for a cheap, wireless mouse I highly recommend this.  It may be cheap, but you get a lot for your dollar and then some! 

Highly recommended!

Click Here to View Product 

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Zaarly – iPhone App Review

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

ZaarlyIf you’ve been reading my reviews you know that I like apps that save me money.  Here is an app that can actually earn you money!  Zaarly is a unique and easy to use iPhone app that helps you buy an sell anything with people nearby.  The app is easy to use, intuitive and can have you browsing what people’s wants are nearby.  You may have already sold those things you don’t even use without even knowing it!  This app is free and amazing.  I find myself checking it daily to see if I can sell something else!  I’ve had it for 4 days now, sold something the second day and third day I had it!  This app is amazing!

Click Here to Download NOW

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iPhone App Review – Who Owes What?

Who Owes What – This app is perfect for helping you split checks, calculating tips. keeping track of IOUs and more.  In other words, this is the best damn iPhone app ever!  Seriously this is sweet!  I love apps that help you with your finances and one that can do all this is a God send! 

I eat out a lot!  I often go with friends and splitting the check can be a hassle because I know at times I have ordered cheap on purpose and other times I have indulged.  In other words, I have either screwed someone or been screwed when it comes to splitting the bill.  We all have!  This helps to make the payments fair and even.  I also love the IOU feature because I’m a sucker for helping friends out in need.  When it comes time to collect however, I often don’t recall how much I lent out or helped with.  A few bucks here and there really add up though.  This iPhone app is amazing! 

Highly recommend this. Click Here to Download

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