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Product Review – meenee MW1 White Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

I got my youngest brother a netbook for Christmas and one for my daughter as well.  I know the hassles of using the built in keyboard and trackpad so I decided to get them a wireless mouse I thought would work good for them.

Now, after spending a good amount of money on those devices I wanted to go rather cheap on the mouse.  It had to be wireless though and, in all honesty, that was my only requirement.   However, I am very happy with the purchase I made on Amazon.  I bought two of these Meenee MW1 White Wireless Bluetooth Mouses and am very happy with them.  My daughter absolutely loves it and my brother wants to know where I got it cause he wants another for his desktop.

I admit, when I set it up for my daughter I actually like the mouse a lot.  It came with the batteries and setup was very easy.  It is practical and and works very well.  If your in the market for a cheap, wireless mouse I highly recommend this.  It may be cheap, but you get a lot for your dollar and then some! 

Highly recommended!

Click Here to View Product 

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