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iPhone App Review – iCarCheck

I came across an interesting iPhone application called iCarCheck the other day.  I frequently download and play with iPhone apps and after downloading this one I immediately wished I had this all along.  In my pocket I would of had a great resource in finding out everything about a car I wanted.  I would of been able to make smarter purchases when it came to buying used cars.  Not only that, but when it came to selling my cars I would of had better information and could of priced the car more accordingly. 

I could also share the information to friends who I know are looking to buy cars.  Primarily this works only in the UK and for UK cars.  It is a great tool however and one that should be downloaded.  It’s free, and can help you save a few bucks ( and make a few ) when it comes to purchasing a new car.

The ease and use of the iPhone application is extraordinary.  It loads fast, pulls up data remarkably fast, and the ease and use is amazing.  For a small upgrade fee you can get extended details on all the cars.  The basic information is good as well.  When I looked up this car no flags came up that would of prompted further investigation on my part however, had a flag been tripped then I most definitely would of upgraded. 

In short, if your in the market to buy or sell a car then this is the iPhone app for you.  Parents of soon to be driving teens…get this also! Could save your children from lots of repair work down the road!

Click Here To Download

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