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My New Bicycle – Mongoose 700c Paver

So I bought a bike to ride to work!  Its a Mongoose 700c Paver.  Not the best commuter bike but a decent one at a low price.  The ride to work is approx 7 miles there and 7 miles back and I thought I could ride my bike to work.  Here is my review of the Mongoose 700c Paver and some upgrades I did before I even got the bike.

First off, I bought myself some self sealing inner tubes.  I do not want to get a flat tire when I’m riding my bike to work.  So I took out the ones that came with the bike and put in the self sealing inner tubes.  This gave me confidence that any stopping on the side of the road would be due to me being out of breath rather than a flat tire.  I know a flat tire is inevitable, I just don’t want it to happen right away! 

The bike itself is nice looking.  I took off the decal stickers though cause I thought it looked cheesy.  It’s a 7 speed bike that shifts easily.  I rode it around a bit and had no problems with it.  A few tweaks to the brakes and seat and I was fine. 

I tested it on my day off by trying to ride to work.  I got up at 4 am ( to simulate my riding time) and found I could not complete the trip.  I was worried I was too out of shape.  No, the seat was too uncomfortable!  I made it 3.5 miles in approx 23 minutes.  I was averaging about a mile per 7 min and had to stop due to comfort issues!  The next day I bought a new gel seat by Serfas and this made a big difference.  It is much more comfortable and I can now make the ride.

The bike itself is pretty solid. I read reviews about the tire blowing out when inflating and I can say I did not have this problem.  I can say however, how it can happen and think it could be a lot of user error.  The rim itself doesn’t hug the 700c sized wheel very tightly when there is no air in the tubes.  I didn’t inflate the tire to the recommended tire pressure but rather what felt right.  In this case it ended up being 35 PSI as opposed to recommended 45 PSI.  At 35, my tubes felt fine and sturdy.  I had to stop inflating at one point cause I noticed the tire was not on the rim properly ( and would of popped out had I not stopped ). 

I’ve ridden it a few times but really need to continue riding more. I enjoy it and hope to get a better bike down the line.  For now this will do.  

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