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iPhone App Review fxCalc

So I spent some time today looking for an app for my iPhone that would handle some complex math equations.  Why?  Because I’m a geek and that’s how I roll!  Seriously, it is part of research ( I got two brothers in college still ) and I like to help them out finding new iPhone apps that can help make life easier for them. I found quite a few applications but most were limited or you had to pay for.  Then I found fxCalc on the iTunes store.  It’s simplistic in its design and the help on it was great.  I tried it out and it seemed to work good.  I had my brother throw some math problems at me he already solved and came up with the same answer as him.  I was even iPhone App Review fxCalcable to correct him on one or two!  So I emailed him the link to iTunes to download and he tried it out.  He likes it and is keeping it.  I don’t find myself doing a whole lot of math or complex equations but I think I’m still going to keep this app.  I have a “Reference” folder where I keep my web browser and dictionaries at.  I think this calculator would make a great addition to my reference folder.

Price:  Free

App Name:  fxCalc

Download Now

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