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Breaking Bad – Season 4 Episode 1: Box Cutters- Recap

Warning: There are spoilers!

It’s been a long time coming, over a year since the last episode of Breaking Bad left you in suspense.  I know it was killing me to wait this long to see it and I must say it was still worth the wait.  The new season picks up where the last one left off.  It flashes back to Gale in the lab getting a lot of new equipment.  He is poised to take over as head cook as Gus is set to kill Walt and Jesse.  Gale is insecure in his cooking abilities, guaranteeing 96% quality while holding up a sample that he say’s is 99% pure.  Breaking Bad Gus assures Gale that this is okay.  If I remember correctly that last sample is Jesse’s sample.  One he cooked himself as he tried to get his job back and in Walt’s good graces again. 

So the big question.  Did Jesse pull the trigger and kill Gale?  The answer is yes.  Gale lies dead being the first time Jesse actually kills someone in the series.  The shock of what he has just done overcomes Jesse.  He is silent for most of the show dealing with what he had just done.  It is a powerful episode for Jesse ( Aaron Paul ) in that he conveys a lot with his silence.  To me it was some of his best acting as its hard to convey such strong emotion with little words.  Gus is also silent for most of this episode.  Like Jesse he conveys a lot with his non verbal acting.  You can see the anger he has and when it is unleashed it is all the more shocking coming from such a mild mannered character. 

The season opener had a lot of suspense as you are waiting to find out Walt and Jesse’s fate.  It was a great episode that left me wanting more. 

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