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iPhone Accessories that I want!

Theres a lot of cool stuff out there for the iPhone.  So I’m  just gonna show some of the stuff I want.  Not a large list or antyhing, but some cool things.

The case I want and why:

I dont think much of an explanation is needed for this!  Its a case for the iPhone that simply increases the awesomeness of the iPhone by giving it a retro game boy looking case.  This is only on the back, the front is clear for the touchscreen purposes.  This is a case I would love to have for my iPhone.  Ironically, of all the things I use my iPhone for gaming is not even in the Top 10.

Next up is this beauty by Griffin. Its a window mount for the iPhone or iPod touch. 
I would actually use this for my GPS applications.  I use Waze, Mapquest and Inrix often when I drive to new places or areas I’m unfamiliar with.  Plus, I like to find new places so it’d be nice to have this mounted up giving me turn by turn directions to a new restaurant I heard about or when visiting a new area I’ve never been to.  I do a lot of traveling and those are some of my most heavily used apps. 

A close second to Griffin is the GoSmart Clip.   I think this is second for obvious reason.  It would serve the same purpose but would mount to the steering wheel.  For me this would be more of a distraction cause I’d probably launch Stanza or Kindle on my iPhone and want to read when I drive….damn red lights and stop signs!  Its still cool though but thats the only reason why I listed it second to Griffin! 

Last but not least is the Sparkz iPhone Projector.  I only put this one on last as the price is pretty damn crazy.  Its a cool idea, and projectors are indeed awesome ( especially during summer time) but I find it hard to justify this cost. 

I bought a projector hoping it would work with the iPhone but it was an unsupported device.  It wasn’t a big deal as it worked with my DVD Player and I’ve used it to project movies on the side of my house in the summer.  I would love to have this for that same reason.  I love to load up movies on my iPhone and if I could project it onto a wall with a decent sound system would love it. 

Side Note:  I bought a Roku player a while ago and this did work with the projector….NETFLIX baby!

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