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Tokyo Disney – Disney Sea

Welcome to Tokyo DisneyWhile in Tokyo, Japan we had to hit up Disney.  There are four parks in Tokyo Disney, and we hit up two of them in 3 days ( had to give ourselves a day of rest in between.  The first park we took was Tokyo Disney Sea.  It was an awesome park that featured rides from the sea.  The cleanliness was amazing but so was the attention to detail. 

Once we got to Disney we had to board a special train that took us to the different Disney theme parks.  As you can see the hand rails and the windows are all done up Disney Style.  So we had a very cool view and the hand rails were all Disney’d out.  It was a short ( but expensive ) ride to get to our park.  It was only 4 stops ( for all 4 parks ) but cost us 4 bucks.  We were the second stop on the tour.  It was worth it though cause walking would of been another 30 minutes and we knew we’d be doing a lot of walking. 

Once we arrived it was an amazing sight.  Those mountains are fake.  Part of a ride.  Journey to the Center of the Earth.  This is the view you get once you are inside Disney Sea.  It looked so damn real and what’s more amazing is the closer you got the more real it looked.  The illusion did not wear off or diminish with proximity but rather strengthened.  It was really an amazing sight.  Especially as the sun started to go down. 

Some the of the sights that this park had to offer was amazing.  I’m just saddened that I took these pics with my iPhone and not a real digital camera.  It took decent pics but the camera on an iPhone 3G is nothing compared to a real camera.  This is a shot of Areal’s ( have no idea if I’m spelling that name right, little mermaid girl ) area in Disney Sea from across a river that you can take a boat tour on.

Inside the mountain they had two rides you can go on.  One was "Journey to the Center of the Earth."  It was one that filled up fast so we fast passed it to return an hour later.  This is a shot of the mountain from the inside and a line ( short ) for the submarine ride.  I took this from the other half of the mountain.  I think the submarine ride was "2000 leagues under the Sea" but I don’t remember.  My map was in Japanese so I had people translate some of the rides. 

Just look at this awesome ass submarine!  This isn’t the one you got on but one that’s on constant display.  This one was next to an underground restaurant that I immediately went to.  I got myself a turkey leg as soon as the park opened and this was my view from my seat.  It was awesome….so was the turkey leg.  Shorter than what I’m used to but delicious!

After we hit up "2000 Leagues under the Sea" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" ( which was indeed an awesome roller coaster ride ) we went over to the section of the park that had Indiana Jones ride.  They also had this awesome roller coaster ride that had fire coming from a waterfall that shot up a large pillar of smoke at you as you drove next to this waterfall.  I wish I had the name of this ride but it was cool.  Indiana Jones was updated to incorporate the Crystal Skull.  It was similar to the other one I went on and could of done without the Crystal Skull incorporation.  The rides were cool though.  Okay, now back to Arials land. 

Why did we go here, I was told we had to.  That if I was impressed with the parks look overall we had to go there cause I would not be disappointedd.  I was not at the park, but at my pictures I was. 

You actually got to go inside a cave and walkway that simulated you going underwater.  Once there they did all they could to make it look as if you were underwater.  The lights overhead simulated sunlight as it would appear if you looked up from underwater.  If you looked at the floor it had a wavy pattern of broken light.  Here the rides mostly focused on kids but they had an awesome food court and shop.  The shop had a giant whale with its mouth open ( the one from Pinocchio ) and looked pretty cool.  I did end up buying a few souvenirs and gifts to bring back to the US from this shop.  Again my pictures came out horrible in this area.  They just could not take a good picture in this low light. 

Sadly these two were the best pictures I could find that I had of this area.  The rest just came out worse or more blurry.

We did catch the "Little Mermaid Show" or live performance while we were here.  It was actually very cool as they incorporated quite a few animatronics.  The songs were in English at least so I was able to understand that and even some of what was said ( studying a bit of Japanese paid off ) . 

Later on we went to the area that had the Aladdin show and Sinbad show.  Yes Sinbad!  Not the comedian ( that would of been hella awesome though ) and let me tell you this place just looked awesome.  The details in how it all looked was spectacular.  Although the above is not the greatest picture, its a two story carrousel.  That thing was busy all day long.  In front of it was a water fountain that I didn’t pay too much attention to till i got closer to it and noticed it was made out of the Genie from Aladin. 

Here’s another shot of how it appears to enter in this area.  It was a very cool area that had a few shows and some rides.  Mainly food though.  Advice:  Try the curry popcorn here: Crazy Delicious!  I have a ton more pictures of this area cause the architecture really impressed me.  Sinbad ride was a lot like "Its a Small World" but telling of Sinbad’s tales and his journeys.  I understood some of it but not all.  Going to continue studying my Japanese though. 

  We won tickets in a lottery style thing to a disney show later and got some priority seating.  But like all things Disney there really is no bad seat.  It really just meant we had a gauranteed spot and wouldn’t have to wait in line.  Hard to see in the pics as we had a lot of light but it was a Christmas play that had all the characters dressed up helping Santa.  This shot is just the left hand side of the stage as they lit it up really nice.  It was getting dark and closer to closing time.  So we were ready to head on home. 

It was a very cool trip and a good day at Disney Sea.  I would highly recommend this if you are going to Tokyo, Disney. 

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