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Interesting items in Japan – Part1

These are just a few of the random and odd products I found around my wanderings in Japan.  Some are not really that odd or random and some are just pretty damn awesome. A lot of the stuff I found I just happened across grocery stores or random stores at the malls.

So what follows is a collection of awesome.

This product to my right I thought was candy or some mad scientist kit.  I was wrong on both counts, it was actually a thing for children’s bubble bath.  I was amazed at how wrong I could really be.

I guess that’s a look of sheer horror on his face?  The thought of being clean just scares the shit out of him!  Look at him!

Cubic MouthI loved this trend in Japan called “Cubic mouth.”  They make a lot of cartoon characters in cubic form with cubic mouths.  I found them hilarious, my daughter found them scary!  These are just a few socks I found at a store with such Disney characters in cubic form.  They crack me up!  I had to buy a pair for my nephews…I bought them chip and dale.  Here is why:  Drunk?

I am not %100 positive on this but I am pretty damn sure that Dale is hung over.  Look at him?  If he’s not hung over then he is really messed up!  My nephews didn’t find these as hilarious as I did but my brother did and cracked the hell up!  Worth buying the socks!  I saw lots of Minnie mouse purses around town in this “cubic” style that my daughter refused to let me buy for her.  They scared her she said!

Awesome book or just awesome photo jacket?During my wanderings I came upon a few bookstores.  I went into a few and found some cool looking books.  Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese so it saddened me.  The comic book stores were awesome looking to. Here is just one of a few books that had an English translation of the title.  But that was it.  I would of bought it but I know it would of taken me years to read the front cover.  One day…..I will learn.

I found some awesome shirts while in Japan.  This one of Pedo bear giving it to Ronald McDonald I found hilarious.

Again, I wish I knew how to read so I could read the caption above.  So for now I’m making up my own.  They also had a few awesome-kick ass star wars shirts.

These kinds of shirts are also very popular in Japan.  I ended up buying a few shirts as gifts to some family friends.  These star wars kids pictures were all kinds of awesome.  I was hoping to see more star wars shirts and was not disappointed.  Saw tons of them.  The baby series I thought were funny.

Okay going to add just one more item here and the rest I’ll save for another article for another time.

This was a unique store that sold nothing but miniature food items.  The purpose was to sell these to restaurants for the purpose of displaying foods in there windows.  I liked how they made these chopsticks float in air suspended by the noodles.  It was weird to see people buying these as souvenirs and to have restaurant people buying them to display in there windows as representations of food at their respective restaurants.

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