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Arriving in Japan – And Day 1

welcome to tokyoWe arriced in Japan on December 17, 2010 in the late afternoon.  It was a long flight that had us leaving San Francisco at 7AM on the 16th, a 4 hour stopover in Vancouver, and then finally arriving at the Narita Airport.  It was a long trip and we almost missed our train that was taking us to the largest train station in Japan in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  It was not fun rolling suitcases when exhausted ( couldn’t sleep on plane ) through the busiest station in Japan.  Shinjuku at NightThe next day we relaxed for a bit and then I had to do some work.  But I got to wander around downtown Shinjuku and caught some amazing sights and buildings.  It was truly an amazing experience.  I found out later when I showed some of the pictures I had taken in my wanderings ( I walked around for about 2.5 hrs ) that I had apparently walked into some shady parts of town.  lots of people  The people in Japan were very nice, very clean, and very polite.  The city was crowded and it was often difficult to walk.  This picture isnt the best but it was just an example of a people crossing at a crosswalk.  The amount of people that would cross is crazy! 

On \ my trip I had visited Shibuya often ( for work for first 3 days ) and saw ( and of coursed walked ) on the most busiest crosswalk in the world.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of that but it was an amazing sight!

A few things that struck me when I visited Japan.  First, I rode the trains on a daily basis, often it was packed but it was the quietest ride I have ever had.  People kept to themselves, often reading ( I would say 70 percent read ) or texting on thier phones.  I rarely see anyone in America read in any public transportation.  Usually I’m one of the only ones that does. 

Second, the amount of litter in the biggest city in the world is almost non existant!  People keep that place spotless!  Sure there is trash, and even some graffiti, but not even close to what I see in the small town I live in.    Also, what I found to be sad, is how much the west is starting to influence the youth in Japan.  It was hard to find things that were actually Japanese.  Walking around the malls looking for a purse for my mom and it took me 10 days to find something that wasn’t something I could of picked up at the mall in Sacramento.  Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Longchamps all that everywhere in Japan.  The malls were littered with American stores. 

Also what I noticed ( and it would of been impossible not to ) was that the girls in Japan wear the SHORTEST skirts I have ever seen.  It would be winter and they wear skirts, high heels, or boots to the knees.  Not just the teenagers either, it was very common to see older women wearing that to. 

Not that I’m complaining….

Food was awesome!  And McDonalds was everywhere!  I admit I did eat there three times during my stay.  I also had starbucks two times. 

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of food I ate and some wierd ones I have found! 

  1. Tinit2winit
    January 3, 2011 at 4:12 am

    I want to go to Japan very badly. Glad you had fun! Did the silence make you want to scream?

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