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Books For My Daughter – eBooks

Toothless WonderYes, my daughter is going to Japan with me.  Will be a family affair over there and she is excited.  Like her dad, she is a reader and loves her stories.  I already bought her the complete Junie B Series of her in Kindergarten ( we will be taking those with us ) but I figured I could use an ebook or two for her.  So I got her this one of Junie B First Grader – Toothless Wonder.  Figure she’d love this as its about her loosing her tooth and my daughter is loosing hers.  Has lost two already and has a third loose tooth.  She cracks up on these books and loves the whole series.  In all honesty, I love reading them to her cause they make me laugh also!  The price for this beauty is a mere $3.74 for my Kindle iPhone app. So if you got a little girl ( I’d even say boys ) these books are a must have.  They will crack up!  Amazon listing here.

Jingle Bells, Batman SmellsIts Christmas time, so what better book than a Junie B Jones first grader Christmas story!  So for course, the other eBook I got for my daughter is Junie B. First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!  Again, its Christmas time and my daughter recently had her first grade Christmas performance ( or I believe they called it Holiday Performance ) at her school.  I bought it for the same reason as I bought the other one, I know she loves this series of books ( I also got her a few paperbacks for Christmas ).  Again, the price was very low, actually really, really low as it was only $0.95 for the kindle version.  I honestly can’t wait to read these to my daughter on the plane or train in Japan.  She’s getting pretty good at reading these also, but I still love reading to her!  Okay, so I’m done book buying for the trip, I got a few good reads for myself and a few for my daughter.
Amazon listing here

What are some of your favorite kid books?

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