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Some of my favorite sites – Time Killers

Here is a list of websites I frequent often and for various reasons.  Seeing as how I wont be updating very much in the near future I figure I got to give you guys some time wasters.

For the geek in you or your family:

www.geekologie.com – News/Products for geeks

www.thinkgeek.com – Geek toys!

www.lifehacker.com – Geek tips

www.xkcd.com – Geek comic

www.girlgonegeekblog.com – For the girl geek and guys too

www.feedbooks.com – Tons of free books for all your e-reader devices

www.mashable.com – Social Media meets news

www.appshopper.com – Price drops on iPhone/iPod/iPad apps

Okay now for the funny sites I frequent:

www.theoatmeal.com – Best Comic out there!

www.hipsterhitler.com – I dont know what to say about this but hilarious!

www.collegehumor.com – A classic

www.cracked.com – Best articles online.  Makes learning funny!

www.27bslash6.com – Another great website for the funnies!

www.everythingisterrible.com – Because everything is terrible

www.dontevenreply.com – But if you do reply hilarity will ensue!

www.lamebook.com – Making facebook funny!

– Got a link you want to share?  Let me know about it!

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