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iPhone Apps – Brain Teasers! 3 Free Games

There are few games out there that I download for my iPhone that really challenge me mentally.  So here, I am going to list some of those games that I have downloaded that make me think I’m not as smart as I’d like to think I am. 

First is the addictive game called Quell.  This game starts off easy enough but eventually will wreak havoc on your brain!  Its a game that uses logic as you move an object to collect gold circles.  There are portals, obstacles, and things that will cause you to be obliterated. 

Over 70 levels of fun and amazement are packed into this game.  It is a fun one, and seriously addicting.  The paid version is only 0.99 but I am linking to the lite version here. 

 Click Here to Download

The next game takes the joy of parking and crams it into a game.  Oh yeah, its time to get that car out of the parking lot! Parking lot is another game that sounds easy enough but eventually gets really hard.  The object of this game is to get a car out of a parking lot in as few moves as possible. 

Again, this game starts off easy enough but before you know it you will be struggling to get this done in as little moves as possible.  You’ll move, move back, reposition cars like crazy and then throw your phone in frustration as you curl up in the fetal position covered in a cold sweat…..no not really but it is damn addicting!

Click Here to Download

This last game I’m going to talk about is called Whirly Word. Its a word game where you try to spell as many words with the given letters present.  Its tough cause it shows you how many word combos you should be able to produce with the given set of letters.  You can whirl the words around to give you a different perspective but ultimately its up to you to come up with the words.  A great tool to increase your vocabulary.  Very fun, addicting, and provides good entertainment.  I’ve often played this game while killing time and after reading.

Click Here to Download

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