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Three Bad Christmas Gifts

Now there are lots of things you can go out and get that special someone. But there are some things that are better left unpurchased.

Exhibit A: Christmas Sweaters. Now why would you give or buy someone a sweater that is not only seasonal, but really seasonal! Unless this is your Grand(pa)(ma) do not buy this as it will not be appreciated or liked. I would be tempted to throw you out of the house if you got me this! Unless you got it as a gag gift then I would probably laugh with you first before I threw you out.

Another bad gift….the shake weight! Now its not just limited to this product but this one is just especially bad with all the sexual undertones that go with it. In reality, any weight loss or get in shape thing is a bad gift idea UNLESS that person specifically rquested it. Otherwise nothing says your fat like getting a gift that reminds you of that fact. So unless you look forward to getting a lot of angry looks as that special someone in the family opens this as a gift, feel free to pass on it!

Last but not least…Gift Cards! Now I only put this here for the sheer reason that nothing says how much I spent on you like a gift card that says how much I spent on you. Not only that, but now you locked me into that one place to spend the gift card on. Now for that 20 dollar gift card you got me you could of just given me 20 dollars and I could of spent it anywhere! Now there are a few exceptions to this being a good gift. Parents giving there kids who are gamers a 100 gift card to best buy/walmart/target/amazon or so is good. But in reality it just kind of screams I have no idea what to get you or I forgot to get you something and this is all the drug store had.

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