Book Review – Psychological Self Defense

This is a great book to have for your Kindle.  Self Defense is very important and being able to physically take care of yourself is very important and even more important is learning how to get yourself out of a situation where you have to physically defend yourself. 

This book has a wealth of information that can show you how to spot ref flags, avoid becoming a victim, de-escalate situations and a lot more.  Its a remarkable read and one that everyone should read.  It is full of important information that can save your life and help get you out of situations you should never have to be in on the first place.

Get this for your Kindle or gift it for someone you love.  It is very important. 

Click Here For Security, Peace of Mind, and Psychological Defense

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iPhone App Review – Heyku

Have you guys heard of this app called Heyku? If you love to write haikus this is the perfect app for you. It’s like its own social network for creative writing. This app integrates beautifully with Facebook, twitter and Instagram. This app allows you to to be creative and share your thoughts with the world. Easy to use, seamless integration, beautifully designed, it is an amazing app.

This app is a must have!  Click Here to Download!

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Book Review – The Silk Merchant – Ancient Words of Wisdom to Help you Live a Better Life Today

This is such a lovely book. This self help book is great as it reads like a story. Well, in a way that’s exactly what it is. Its stories that have lessons in them to help you live a better life.  No matter what is going on in one’s life, it can always be made better.  This book is full of hope that just makes you feel good reading it.

Whether you are spiritual or not, this book has a little something for everyone. It’s inspiring, its uplifting and spiritual.  Again, I’m not the most spiritual person in the world but this book just spoke to my soul.

I love a good self help book. Everyone can use some self improvement, but its rare in reading one that you also feel spiritually better. This is a must have for Everyone! 

This would also make a great gift for a loved one.

Click Here To Purchase this Inspirational, Self Help Book

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Salon Swipe – Take Payments With Your iPhone – Great For Salon Workers

If you or someone you know works at a salon I have a great iPhone app for you! It is called Salon Swipe and it is Free!  This app is simply amazing!  Easy to use, simple and amazing! This makes taking payments from your clients so much easier! This is a must have if you are working at a salon and makes taking payments for your services so much easier.  Tips can be included in payment as well.

Click Here to Download this Easy to Use Salon Payment Method

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Book Review – Muffinology – 50 Momentous Muffin Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good muffin? This recipe book has 50 recipes for some delicious and HEALTHY muffins! I love to cook and bake and am always looking for ways to make things healthier.

This book has a recipe for everyone! The gluten free pumpkin, the lemon drizzle muffins, are delicious and a must have! This is one recipe book you need to have for all your muffin needs! Oh, for a real treat….Dark Chocolate and Marmalade Muffins!

This is a great book! Can’t wait to make some more!

Click Here for Delicious Muffin Recipes

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Abby Sight Words Games & Flash Cards vol 1: Kids Learn to Read – App Review

ImageMy 3 year old niece loves playing with these sight words. This is so simple a 3 year old can use it….and boy does she use it! She is in love with this and so am I. When I have to babysit it makes it so much easier that we have an activity we can do together that is not only fun, but engages her to learn. She loves playing around and has drained my kindle battery playing this!

Educational for young children – yes.

Fun for children – Yes

Warning – You will have your kids playing and learning for HOURS! Highly recommended!

Click Here to Download This Educational Game

Baby Bubble School vol1: Ready to Read First Words – Kindle App Review

My niece absolutely loves this! She is 3 years old and talks a mile a minute and is constantly on the go! Yet she will sit down for HOURS and want to play this game! She is in love and so am I because this is a brilliantly created game! Educational, fun and helping her with her words it really is amazing!

She is identifying letters, repeating back, popping bubbles like crazy on this thing! She repeats back all that she hears so we are constantly hearing her interact with this game!

Highly recommended! Must have for children!

Download this Educational Game For Your Kindle Here

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